Element combines years of outdoor solar testing experience with advanced simulation equipment to perform solar and solar thermal testing in a controlled environment and give you results closer to real product behavior in its final application. 

The construction industry demands high-quality, durable products capable of withstanding solar radiation and other environmental conditions that they may be exposed to during construction or in the field. From laboratory testing of insulating materials to thermal performance field measurements of solar energy systems, we ensure that your products are safe, reliable, and fit for purpose for any application, in any condition.  

All of our solar testing services are provided according to the national and international standards established by SRCC, ISO, ASHRAE, CSA, FSEC, IEC, and ULC/UL. Our experts can also develop customized solutions to fit your specific goals. 


Our solar testing capabilities

Element’s laboratory is equipped with a solar simulator that allows reproducing solar irradiance in a completely controlled environment through a 250kW single-point source of light. 

We control humidity, temperature, wind, and sunshine exposure to replicate the conditions that a product or material would typically encounter in an expected service environment, providing you with valuable information for projecting its expected service life.  


Solar testing and certification services

We provide a comprehensive suite of solar testing and certification services. Our experts have years of experience in the construction and building product industry and can help you understand how solar heat, combined with other atmospheric agents, will affect your material or product over time. 

Some of the solar and solar thermal testing services we provide include:

  • Safety testing and performance evaluation of solar energy systems
  • Indoor and outdoor solar testing of building materials and liquid solar heater collectors
  • Solar testing and evaluation of the thermal response of materials, components, and systems to MIL-STD 810E (method 505.4 -solar radiation test conditions)


The Element advantage

Element operates a National Solar Test Facility (NSTF), one of North America's leading centers for solar testing services and the rating of green energy technologies. We are accredited by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) and the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) to conduct their solar thermal certification programs. These accreditations demonstrate a high technical competence and a consistently reliable service. 

Thanks to our global network of material testing and product qualification testing experts, and advanced laboratory equipment, we can provide solar testing services to clients in the telecommunications and automotive industry as well, testing everything from electronic instruments to telecommunication devices, and full-size automobiles.   

To learn more about our solar thermal testing, or to speak with one of our experts, contact us today. 

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